An Invitation to Three Winter Prayer Days The desert has been a transforming place for prayer and justice since the time of the Abraham. During three Saturday prayer days this Winter, Allen Goddard will introduce the living tradition of desert spirituality, for Christians wanting to grow in prayer and involvement for a more just society. These quiet days will introduce the Bible’s sources of the desert tradition, and will draw on the prayer lives of Moses, Paul, Anthony of Egypt, St John of the Cross, and select Anabaptist martyrs. Each day will comprise focused input, ample time for quiet reflection and prayer, a quiet lunch, and short periods for group discussion and feedback. Dates: Saturday 21 June Saturday 26 July Saturday 23 August Venue: The home of James and Joan Alty inside The Old Prison, at Project Gateway, 4 Burger Street, Pietermaritzburg, cnr. of Pine Street. Please reply to Allen at this email: