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A thought-provoking look at Hutterite community life from the early 60s. I wondered about the gender segregation at meals, then noticed the prayers before and after. Could it be that, as the literal fruit of their labour, mealtimes are acts of worship?

Comparing the first clip to this documentary made 50 years later, I was struck by the different tone. Some hard-nosed questions from Lynn Alleway, to be sure, and I question her ethics iro the runaway.

Perhaps the observation most troubling to me was their rationale for this way of life – at least one person implied it was the ‘way’ to the Kingdom. Is that really the raison d être? The challenge about journey versus destination is explored in the interesting case below…


ISIS just 6km from St Matthews Monastery in Iraq. But the monks won’t leave…

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“…the monastic idea of renunciation tends to seem burdensome to us. It implies feelings of deprivation and loss. But he learned to view renunciation instead as non-addiction to our desires, which turned it on its head — rather than the adoption of a new burden, it’s the shedding of an old one.” David Cain

Does Benedictine monasticism necessarily imply withdrawal?

The Dominican Option | C. C. Pecknold | First Things.

TEDx DelrayBeach: Helen Turnbull on unconscious bias.

I don’t pretend to understand American politics, but Rod Dreher’s suggestion on where to put your money seems apt. (I’m surprised he doesn’t credit Alasdair McIntyre for the Benedict – New Dark Age idea.)

If I were a social or religious conservative who had money to donate, I would not give it to political causes. I would use it for strengthening our institutions as places of effective cultural resistance to the times we’re in, and the times that we’re entering. Make them function like the Benedictine monasteries of Western Europe did during the Dark Ages: as institutions and communities that bear and pass on our moral and spiritual vision in a time and place that does not share it, so that one day, far into the future, it will be there for rediscovery, and the rebuilding of society out of the ruins. Understand, I’m not advocating a withdrawal from politics, but rather a strategic reorientation of our priorities, and a reallocation of our resources — financial, organizational, and yes, spiritual — toward battles that are less fierce and emotionally satisfying, but far more important in the long run, if the virtues that we believe define a good society are to survive the new Dark Age that our fellow Americans embrace as Enlightenment.

Hilandar to be visited by women soon? / OrthoChristian.Com.

I find Veljko Djuric Misina’s comment quite strange. In what capacity is he a church historian?

Ethiopian nun, 90, emerges as musical genius.

Ethiopian nun, 90, emerges as musical genius as she prepares to leaves monastery and hear her music recited for first time | Mail Online.

Anyone read this? Would love a review, right here!

From Willow Creek to Sacred Heart: Rekindling My Love for Catholicism: Chris Haw, William T. Cavanaugh, Shane Claiborne: 9781594712920: Books.

Marcella Pattyn | The Economist.

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