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360-degree photo panoramas of Armenian medieval monasteries, compliments of Smithsonian, Armenia and USAID



Evidence of 5th or 6th century monastic life discovered in Somerset.

ISIS just 6km from St Matthews Monastery in Iraq. But the monks won’t leave…

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“…the monastic idea of renunciation tends to seem burdensome to us. It implies feelings of deprivation and loss. But he learned to view renunciation instead as non-addiction to our desires, which turned it on its head — rather than the adoption of a new burden, it’s the shedding of an old one.” David Cain

Monastery At Mount Ararat, Armenia Photo | One Big Photo.

contemporary reflections on the Rule of St Benedict.

Does Benedictine monasticism necessarily imply withdrawal?

The Dominican Option | C. C. Pecknold | First Things.










Lord, have mercy. I understand that police have arrested a suspect already.

Olga Raschietti, 83, Lucia Pulici, 75, Bernadetta Boggian, aged 79. I haven’t heard of the Saverian Order.–murder.html

Macrina Walker alerted me to this intriguing project, the establishment of an Orthodox monastery on the Scottish island of Mull.

May God bless this effort, Father Seraphim!

5 acres - $100K

5 acres – $100K

Iona pilgrimage 2014

Iona pilgrimage 2014

Steve Hayes sent me this link to some pictures of an Orthodox pilgrimage to Iona.

I didn’t realise this connection existed but there we go.

Here’s the text of a message given by Jim Forest during the pilgrimage, “Learning to love our enemies.”