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Macrina Walker alerted me to this intriguing project, the establishment of an Orthodox monastery on the Scottish island of Mull.

May God bless this effort, Father Seraphim!

5 acres - $100K

5 acres – $100K

Iona pilgrimage 2014

Iona pilgrimage 2014

Steve Hayes sent me this link to some pictures of an Orthodox pilgrimage to Iona.

I didn’t realise this connection existed but there we go.

Here’s the text of a message given by Jim Forest during the pilgrimage, “Learning to love our enemies.”

Monasticism in Southern Africa - a fragile plant Orthodox monasticism in Southern Africa is a fragile plant. For the last few years there have been one or two people trying to live the monastic life, in one or other of the three "monasteries" in Gauteng (can you call it a monastery when there are no monks?) Father Nazarius and Father Elias established the Monastery of the Descent of the Holy Spirit at Gerardville in 2000. Then Fr Nazarius died in 2008, and there were no monks there for a couple … Read More

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