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Everyone wants to slow down these days; they just want to do it quickly.


Julian Collette reminded me about Evan B. Howard’s site.

Our web site offers over fifteen years of NewesLetter archives, resources and writings particularly in the areas of spirituality and new monasticism, podcasts and links and connections to all kinds of stuff.

Of interest is this paper:
Evangelical Monasticism in a Postmodern World: Preliminary Considerations

like the bit about losing control. Who’s directing this anyway?

Eugene, Oregon I left Portland with dread. My tendons were still somewhat sore and I had made up my mind to visit a doctor once I hit Eugene, another three-days' bike ride away at a modest pace. I didn't know how my body would handle biking again, and on top of that, the weather report predicted a 70% chance of rain at every hour of the day! However, the rain became the le … Read More

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There is an interesting paradox. The people that come to me, and they come to me by the thousands — when I run an ashram the waiting list is two hundred for every place and if I were to buy a monastery it would be full in a week — these are the same people that do not come to the Catholic monasteries now which have so many empty spaces. They aren’t coming to me because I’m offering anything other than what the monasteries are offering. Partly they are coming because they are still busy reacting against the same thing that happened to me in Judaism. I was given the forms but not the Spirit.

Jennifer Hevelone-Harper’s list of several resources currently available

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