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Eureka, California and Resources for the 21st Century Pilgrim On the road again! I left Eugene five days ago on a Greyhound bus, traveling a mere 120 miles to Medford/Ashland in order to make up some miles and because, as good and necessary as it was for me to stay in Eugene, it had also become a kind of vortex of inertia: I wanted to propel myself far enough from its pull to ensure that I really was on the move at last. [caption id="attachment_1496" align="alignleft" width="182" caption="Banana Slugs Say, … Read More

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like the bit about losing control. Who’s directing this anyway?

Eugene, Oregon I left Portland with dread. My tendons were still somewhat sore and I had made up my mind to visit a doctor once I hit Eugene, another three-days' bike ride away at a modest pace. I didn't know how my body would handle biking again, and on top of that, the weather report predicted a 70% chance of rain at every hour of the day! However, the rain became the le … Read More

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